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December 07, 2008



Doggone it - I had a wonderfully written comment (a LONG one, at that) and then lost it. Typical for me, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'll try again, but it will never be as good. 8>\

These photos of your first snow days (sorry - but, it's still autumn!) are definitely "ooo"eys and "ahh"eys to me, Sara. They fit your words so very well. Mmm, mmm. (Too bad MY words cannot do them justice. Sorry.) The snow on the leaves, on the berries, on the dog - are just simply indescribably exquisite!

Glad you've taken the times to cuddle with your otherwise uncuddly-except-for-being-with-my-momma-and-daddy dog. She's something else! She'll certainly be Queen on the Mountain, though, throughout the winter with all the white stuff I'm sure will come your way!

Btw, John says he could have told you your apple pancakes would turn out soft in the middle. I'm not quite sure what he means by that ...

Neither of us can believe Matt, of all people, would encourage you to watch M*A*S*H! We don't remember his particularly liking the show. So, either my memory is choosing its own path (please, no further comments), or Matt is just finding his inner parent-planted likes and delights (omgosh!). Glad you got to go see Alan Alda in the flesh and that you both enjoyed it! Gee, Matt COULD have watched his terrific acting abilities on the West Wing DVD we brought to MA with us to share last fall; but, no ...

I think you're doing a remarkable job, Sara, at balancing your studies and LIVING! You seem to know how to find and use the combinations key to hanging in there!


That's so great that you got to see Alan Alda! Also, did you take a photography class at some point? I always love your pictures! Even your food pictures are great. That muffin looks So good by the way.

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