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August 27, 2007


Mark Terry

I was wondering if we were the only ones to play horseshoes up there.

Good luck with G-school. (Ugh. On the other hand, no less a successful writer than Lawrence Kasdan has said that being a writer is like always having homework. I guess so.)


awww. I love it. :) Don't get too bogged down with homework to keep blogging!


I just had to read it again. So good!


Happy Belated Birthday, Sara! Enjoy your studies, hahaha :)

Sorry I didn't go to New York anymore. I figured I'd better focus more on my schoolwork. Anyways, it was good seeing you here in June.

Take care! Keep in touch!

Madeline R

This was wonderful. You are too wise to be only 29. You are my little sister's age and she too is far wiser than I am. Must be something that happened with the moon and stars that year. I look forward to hearing about your new chapter. Transitions are always hard for me at first too.

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