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June 13, 2007


Madeline R

Sara! So interesting. Thanks for doing this. I feel like I know and like you so much better as a result of your Tom and Katie confession and the really interesting information about the Quaker retreat. What a good way to go into marriage. I also get insomnia though a new mattress seems to have made it better. I guess you already know that Barbara Kingsolver wrote the Bean Trees at night when she had insomnia during her first pregnancy. I have a friend who did that too - wrote a book and got it published as a result of insomnia. I love your writing. Bring a notebook to bed?!


So fun! Don't hunt me down, though! I already have a tagged post in my blog! :) Just gotta look back... ha ha

Mark Terry

I'll try it this weekend. Already blogged to day about the so-called day in the life of a writer.

Mark (the uncle one)

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