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June 05, 2009



You are amazing. Have I told you that lately? Love you both.


I didn't realize that you'd won the trip to VT. How cool - both that you entered and that you won! It looks like a beautiful & relaxing trip. I wish I'd read this before I saw you so I could have heard more about it!


I also wanted to say that this entry was very well written! (as are they all) You managed to convey your joys and frustrations in a constructive way that allows us to connect with you.

We're proud of you both!


This post made me cry! I'm sorry you guys have been going through such a hard time. I am so glad you guys won this weekend away. It couldn't have gone to a more deserving couple! It seems like you have a very good attitude through it all and I really admire that. Keep us updated on how everything progresses!


I enjoyed reading your entry. I was laid off 18 months ago. Yes. That is a year and a half. Still unemployed. I have not applied for hundreds of jobs, bc there just aren't hundreds of jobs in my field to apply for. I am lucky to find a job a month that I have a shot at getting. I have gone from getting a job in 6-8 weeks -- in 2001 I was laid off twice and twice! I found a ew job! -- to having 2-3 interviews for a temp job and still not get it. This was my own dream job. I worked in that career for 12 years to get better and better at what I did. Come to find, that career no longer exists bc it is now outsourced to India, and the entire industry as a whole is dying. I have no health insurance and a chronic condition which makes it harder and harder to soldier on when I feel so so bad most days and have no medicine. The hardest part was being alone for a whole year (I am single) with no one to talk to most days. I felt invisible. Everyone I know is suffering and struggling to survive. My extended family feels badly for me, but I am a grown woman and repsonsible for myself. My mother was helping me, but she was just laid off last month.

I am so glad to hear of your contest win. What a sweet thing. Last fall I started an ill fated relationship out of desperation and just needing some daily emotional support so badly. It ended poorly and I am scarred, but the one good memory I have is a wonderful overnight stay at an historic B&B in Whitewater, WI in Oct when the leaves were changing. It was so, so lovely and such a nice break from my troubles. Beauty does that!

Since I don't want to leave this comment on a somber note I will mention in Jan I started grad school to train for a library career. I have had to add $32,000 to my student loan debt to pay for school and keep myself afloat financially, which I hate, but I also feel grateful to have the option, bc my unemployment ran out already. I feel happy that I am moving from beating my head against the wall of a dying industry into an area where there are opportunities. I am already networking and making connections. I still don't have a job but I have hope, and that is the thing we need the most in these times. Good luck to your husband.

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