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March 22, 2009



WOW! If you DO say so yourself. I agree!! Now, I'm hungry....


Great pics!I too have tried the NY Times bread with good success. I love the idea of just having loaves ready to go in the fridge. I'd have a fresh loaf with dinner every night!


I love those pictures! And the bread picture...wow. I'm suddenly starving.

Mark Terry

"..added a short burst of kneading and a few dashes of beer."

Are the dashes of beer for the bread dough or for the cook? And if it was for the cook, it might explain the out of focus photographs. I'm just sayin'...


I can't figure out where you're standing to take that pic of Matt and it's annoying me! ha ha ha ha


It was a Friday night so a beer was already cracked. I was quite pleased when the recipe called for a little.

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