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October 05, 2008



love the new girlie updates! :)

your hs pal forever,


Hey, that flea market looks too cool! Add it to my "next time I visit" list! Also, the rhubarb coffee cake looks delish--I got kinda lost in that food blog--many good things to make. Gonna try that beef, barley and Leek soup--yum! What kind of bread did you use for your Cuban sandwich? Sounds cool! Also like the photo of your quilt on the blog--very colorful and girlie. :-)


Your blog is so charming. Your life sounds like a lifetime movie to me - but a happy lifetime movie, not a sad/dramatic one. You're so creative too with your cooking and crafts! Love the blog!


Oh! And etsy shop! Please do! You make such lovely things. Ever thought about taking on commissioned projects?


Thanks for the encouragement Birgit! There's no way I could commission a knitting project. I'm way too slow. But a small scrapbook I'd consider. Could be fun. :)

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