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June 17, 2008



that pic is brutal! hahahaha I love skulking matt keller in the back, too.



Oh, we look lovely together. You wrote on the back of the picture "Sara, Wow, two decent pictures! Look in the background for a familiar face! love, me" Okay, back to packing...looking up your famous packing list as a guide.


Ah, yes...the Black Period. :-) A most memorable time in our lives. This is a super fun way to celebrate your 30th--have a fabulous time and maybe they'll sing It's The End of the World As We Know It--the one that helps me time travel back to your middle school days just like it was yesterday! Enjoy your road trip and say "hi" to Stephanie for me!


I'd go to Scotland and "visit" the Loch Ness monster! While it's not really a pilgrimage, since I hardly consider this monster sacred, there's a draw there, perhaps something to do with my Scotch-Irish heritage. And then, there's Paul McCartney, the star-love of my youth! I was 13 when The Beatles came over to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, and I've been pretty much gaga ever since. I guess I'd want to go to Liverpool to see him perform (if only he would!) and prowl the areas he used to. Omg, there are actually Beatles Pilgrimage Tours offered online! Naw, I'm not THAT crazy!
Anyway, I give you guys a lot of credit for going ahead and making this trip - even if it is to celebrate your 30 years of LIFE! Congratulations! You go, girls!

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