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May 05, 2008



Hang in there...it's almost done!!! :-)
See you soon...and puppy, too!

Mark Terry

My brain needs a vacation like...

peanut butter needs jelly (well, not for me)

Hillary Clinton needs a reality check

french fries need catsup

a dog needs a bone (or a ball, or a toy or...)

Oh damn, you had to dangle a simile in front of me, didn't you...


one more paper... one more paper... you can do eeeet!!! :)


I love your photos of Kaia, she is very cute!!! It's a whole new adventure with the puppies in our lives:)) Maybe we could meet up on a play date sometime, I am sure Fosca would love to see her sister, or maybe at the GRS meeting.
Ani and Fosca

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