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February 21, 2008



wow! I am home nursing my very sick with the flue husband (sounds like what you had, sorry!) and the boys are out so I had time to read thiswhole post, slowly and take it all in. What an exciting year you have had - just shows how little we actually do include on our blogs and how much you can still do when you are not yet a parent (well, how much you can travel). I do buy CDs. I just bought JJ Cale at a small CD store and was so happy to be supporting the place. Love the idea of a muffin gang! we all need more of them! This was such a fun post.

Mark Terry

Sounds like a great years. Don't forget mojitos with Mom & Dad (why weren't we invited for that one?) And I can't tell you how jealous Leanne and I are about kayaking in the moonlight.

By the way, have you see the muffin man? I hear he's down on Mulberry Lane?

Oh yeah, I want to get the new Jack Johnson album. I've got Brushfire Fairy Tales and On And On.


Next time I come to visit, I'm joining the Muffin Gang. Yo you east syyyyyyyde.


Madeline - I'm quite aware that this list is even possible because of DINK status. This was a truly unusual year of traveling, even for a person who travels a lot.

Mark - great point about the mojitos! That was fun. And Matt and I made mojitos with gin instead of rum. I sent him into the store to buy rum and the guy told him gin, so that's what he came out with. That should be on the list too. Oh, and if you come to Boston I know of a moonlit kayak tour.

And Stephanie - south side, baby. ;)


Wow! Awesome list. That was the most romantic thing I've ever read until I came to the People Mover in Detroit at the end. That kinda ended the fantasy with a clunk. haha Ah...such a wonderful, exiting, adventurous life you are living, my daughter. Fabulous!!!


P.S. I didn't know you met Barbara Kingsolver! Do tell!

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