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September 10, 2007



Damn! I thought Jeremy Piven too! ha ha :)
But awesome for you! :)

Mark Terry

"My mom and grandma have the same, shall we say, creative process..."


I took part in the KerryTown Book Fest down in Ann Arbor this weekend and after I moderated a panel "Original Voices in Mystery" with a bunch of mystery and thriller authors, we were selling our books and a woman bought mine and wanted to take a photograph of me. I don't know if I looked surprised or alarmed, but she said, "You guys are like rock stars to us, you know."

Daaa-yam. Lee Child, maybe. Barry Eisler, all the women say so (and you should see how they react around him and/or Robert Crais). JK Rowling, huh, more famous than George Bush (and probably more deserving ). David Morrell, sure. PJ Parrish, maybe. Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky...

But me? I'm the garage band nobody's ever heard of.

I guess every field has its stars.


Yes, it's otherwise known as collecting boxes full of materials that may never leave the closet again. I went through grandma's fabric this summer...took a few hours.

And hey, enjoy being a rock star when you get the chance!

Mark Terry

Yeah, I told Leanne last night about your comment about the creative process and she started laughing. She said, "That would be, collect a lot of crap until Matt makes her do something with it, then do something about it."

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