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November 27, 2006



Ha! Oh man.... So glad you're ok. But of course am laughing about the donkey story. :)

And man... that hair. Tim.... Wow.... ha ha! Seems like just yesterday the three of us were playing Paperboy in your spare bedroom.

Mark Terry

Leanne's here to say we heard all about the donkey ride. What's with the medieval chapel?

Leanne & I are thrilled Liz has dogs and doubly glad neither of our kids are in the wedding. :)

If we don't see you @ X-mas, we'll see you in TX for the par-tay.

Mark & Leanne

Sara and Matt Elliott

The chapel was built because of the doors. Those are actual, authentic medieval doors bought at a Texas auction. The auction is also where the goats go eventually. We learned a little more than we wanted to know about how the goats' "manliness", so to speak, determines the their price at auction. I have to say we were actually all a little curious about what goes on at a Texas auction by the end of the night.

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